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DATE:(18.10.2016)     United Forum met CGMT

A large number of DR JTOs in Assam met CGMT Assam Circle on 18.10.16 under banner of UNITED FORUM (AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA) - ASSAM CIRCLE to press for fast tracking of Rule 8 cases. CGMT directed GM(Admin/HR) to take personal initiative to solve the issue.


On 05.09.2016, CS, ACS(Hqr) and CS , AIGETOA met CGMT Assam Circle on the issues of payment of retirement benefits  to the retiring Comrades specially Civil Wing Comrades. It was observed that there is much delay in getting VC clearance from BSNLCO. CGMT took up the issue immediately with concerned Officers at New Delhi and it was assured that the Civil Comrades also would get the retirement benefits at the same time along other Telecom Comrades.




GS, OS(E) attended the 6th CEC Meeting of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch on 30.08.2016 at Guwahati. At 09-30 hrs all the delegates of seven Branches of Assam Circle attended the flag hoisting ceremony in presence of GS and OS(E). Circle President of Assam Circle Branch  Com Aloke Kar hoisted the flag. Thereafter, all the delegates assembled at Multi-Purpose Hall of BSNL IQ at Panbazar, Guwahati. Next one minute silence was observed as a mark of respect to the souls of departed comrades.


The gathering was addressed by the Circle President of Assam Circle wherein he mentioned about the present status of BSNL in Telecom sector and also urged upon the role of the AIBSNLEA executives in the  present day competitive scenario. Next welcome address was given by Com Ranjit Kumar Das, Divisional Secretary of the Host Branch. This was followed by the self- introduction of the delegates.


Com Swarup Chakraborty, CS, AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch submitted the report of Circle Secretary. He elaborated issues like membership strengths, settlement of long pending up-gradation cases of the executives under EPP, Intra as well as Inter Circle Transfer cases, Tenure Transfer matters, Promotional issues of executives and  Status of Look After cases in the cadre of SDE, DE and DGM(T). Com Chakraborty also reported the burning issue of R-8 transfer cases  and explained in detail about its present position wherein a committee has been constituted by CGMT, Assam Telecom Circle taking representatives from three executive Associations and Officers of HR section of  Circle Office, Assam Circle Guwahati. He mentioned that a recommendation after first meeting of the committee has been submitted to the administration for immediate actions by the Circle Head. Com CS also mentioned about the steps taken by him on organisational matters specially on forth coming membership verification issue. Circle Treasurer submitted an interim report of financial matters of the Circle Branch. Divisional Secretaries also submitted report on membership and other organisational issues of respective Branches. Reports of CS, CT and DSs were accepted by the house.


Com Prasun Mukhopadhaya, OS(E) addressed the delegates.Thereafter, Com GS addressed the house with his clear and systematic presentation. He covered almost all the burning issues like Up-gradation of executive pay scales and hurdles being faced, CPU hierarchy scenario, status of pending court cases  and expectations in coming days, promotional issues of various cadres, on-going Trade Unions  programmes launched by three associations and steps needed to increase the membership strength. Com GS also delivered on the issue 78.2% enhancement of DA and apprised the house how AIBSNLEA achieved success in 60:40 pension issue on its own effort.


At 15-00 hrs of 30.0 8.2016 joint open session of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA , Assam Circle Branch started. Com GS, and OS (E) and  GS AIGETOA  shared the dais. CGMT Assam Telecom Circle Shri Mahesh Kumar Seth was the Chief Guest and Shri M K Gogoi, PGM(ETR), Guwahati the guest of honour. The multi-purpose hall was jam packed with officers, executives and employees of BSNL. The Open session was initiated with a Shree Ram Bhajan followed by some melody songs. The artists were mostly from BSNL families.


CS, AIBSNLEA Assam Circle delivered key note address where he covered burning staff matters and developmental issues of Assam Circle area of BSNL. He requested for immediate settlement of  Rule-8 issue of DR JTOs. Com Satyajyoti Nath, CS, AIGETOA, Assam Circle Branch covered various issues being faced by the young executives. He also urged for immediate solution of Rule-8 cases.


Com OS(E) addressed the open session where he stressed for strengthening of BSNL executives and also  requested CGMT, Assam Telecom Circle for immediate settlement of Rule-8 issue.


Com GS, AIGETOA spoke on various issues being faced by the executives directly recruited executives. He requested CGMT Assam Telecom Circle to find ways for immediate solution of Rule-8 issue. He appealed to the comrades awaiting Rule-8 transfer to have patience.


Com GS AIBSNLEA elaborated all the issues of BSNL before the Chief Guest and the audience. He explained in clear terms the role of AIBSNLEA in organising the executives to work for greater interest of BSNL. Com GS delivered on 78.2% DA issue, hurdles on up-gradation of pay scales of executives, bottle neck created on CPU cadre hierarchy issue, amendment of MTRR Rules, Superannuation issue, role of AIBSNLEA in TU actions to resolve  HR issues, resolution of 60:40 pension issue and on Rule-8 transfer issue being faced by the BSNL DR JTOs posted in Assam. He urged upon CGMT Assam Circle for immediate settlement  of the issue to boost up the morale of the executives.


Shri M K Gogoi, PGM (ETR), Guwahti spoke on various HR issues of BSNL. Shri M K Seth, Chief Guest of the function gave a patient hearing to various issues raised by the leaders and assured to use his good office to solve them to the possible extent. He also responded favourably to solve the Rule-8 issue. He requested to the executives to work hard to make Assam Telecom Circle a profitable organization and also to earn more revenue for BSNL.


The open session was over by 20-30 hrs. The house assembled at 21-30 hrs after dinner break and rest issues like resolution and organisational strategies for forth coming membership verifications were addressed. The CEC meeting was declared closed at 22-30 hrs with a vote of thanks from host Branch.


G S Com Prahlad Rai inaugurated New Website of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch in presence of OS(E), AIBSNLEA and Delegates of 6th CEC of Assam Circle.


As a part of all India program AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch participated in Lunch Hour Demonsataion in front of C.O. of Assam Telecom Circle on 23.08.16.


DATE:(22/08/2016)     Date ReScheduled :


The Date of CEC meeting of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch is further re-scheduled to 30.08.2016 due to some extra-ordinary situation. 

Our GS, OS(E), AIGETOA GS and AGS (E) would address the meeting. 

All Divisional Secretaries are asked to send their upto date Circle Quota to Circle Financial Secretary. Report of the Divisonal Secretaries containing membership strength of AIBSNLEA, AIGEOTA, others and total executive strenths of the Branch should reach to Circle Secy well before the meeting for further actions.

DATE:(07/08/2016)     Revised date for CEC :


Revised date for CEC of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle is 02.09.2016. This is due to some unavoidable situation.



Assam Circle Branch of AIBSNLEA congratulates all the 78 TTAs who have qualified for JTO cadre in the recently declared result of LICE for promotion to JTO.



In the General Body Meeting of Guwahati Branch held on 01.07.16, CS informed that-

1. Discussions made by him with all the CEC members and DS of Guwahati Branch proposed to hold the next CEC of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle on 03.09.2016 at Guwahati.

2. CS also informed that Com Prahlad Rai, GS and Com Prasun Mukhopadhya, OS(E) would be requested for their gracious presence on the occassion.

3. Guwahati District Secy was asked to go ahead with the preparatory works for CEC in a befitting manner.

DATE:(01/07/2016)     General Body Meeting :


CS and CWC Member of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch attended the General Body Meeting of Guwahati Branch today and highlighted following points in view of the recently concluded AIC at Mysur:-

1. Immediate organisational steps are necessary for membership verification issue.

2. CS of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle and AIGETOA are required to go for tour to different Branches for enlighting the members on membership verification and other burining issues.

3. Relevant points on the Constitution ammendmends discussed and stress given for suitable incorporation of Office Bearers in AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Body. 

4. Issuses of various ongoing DPCs discussed. 

5. Resolutions taken at AIC were also pointed. 



CONGRATULATION COMRADES ! As per report of Chq, the following issues are getting solved soon:- 

1. Scales to be replaced from E1A/E6 by E2/E7 respectively . Residency period 5 years. 

2. CPSU hierarchy proposal to be placed before Board within 15th june. 

3. As regrads stagnancy for realising of R-8 transfer cases vis a vis recruitment matters Management would share the matter with UF. BSNL CO to issue strict instructions to Circles for long pending R-8 cases. 

4. LDCE results to be declared soon. 

5. DGM Rectt. and RR to be scarepped by 23rd June, 2016. 

6. Regarding JAO to AO and AO to CAO promotion, it is awaited for court clearance. 

7. Matter relating to relaxation of CAO to DGM(F) promotion to be placed before BSNL MC. 

8. Steps being taken for SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E) promotion soon.



As per intimation of Chq:-

1. Agitational Programme to continue.

2. Mass Hunger Strike at Chq/Circle/SSA Hqrs. from 25.05.16 to 27.05.16. 

3. Work According to Rule Programme from 25.05.16 till our demands are settled. 

Pl make it a grand success.

DATE:(13/05/2016)     MASSIVE DHARNA AT CIRCLE/SSA Head Quarters :


AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA organised massive Dharna Programme at Circle/SSA Head Quarters of Assam Circle on 13.05.2016 as a part of All India Call in support of demands like E2/E3 payscales for JTOs/SDEs or equivalent cadres, CPU Hierarchy, Scrapping of MT Recruitmentment process etc. At Guwahati, many Circle Level Leaders of both the Associations including leaders from sister unions of Assam Circle spoke on the occassion. Chief General Manager of Assam Telecom Circle Shri M K Seth also addressed the gathering. It was a grand success.

DATE:(11/05/2016)     DHARNA AT CIRCLE/SSA Head Quarters :


As a part of all India call Given by AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, Dharna Programme has been rescheduled on 13.05.2016 at Circle/SSA Head Quarters. Please make it a grand success.



As a part of all India call Given by AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, there would be Demonstartion at CO Office Assam Circle at Lunch Hour on 03.05.2016. All Comrades are requested to be present positively.


DATE:(03/05/2016)     Meeting with GM(HR & Admn), Assam Circle:


CS & ACS (Hqr) along with CS (AIGETOA) met GM(HR & Admn), Assam Circle to discuss the following issues:

1. Re-opening of JTO Recruitment for Assam and NE Circles. 

2. It is reported by GM(HR & Admn) that BSNLCO has confirmed verbally recruitment of 166 TTAs for Assam Circle. 

3. Immediate settlement of JTO Rule-8 Cases. It was insisted to publish the up-dated list of JTOs awaiting Rule-8 Transfer. 

4. issue of equvalent pay parity for executives. 

DATE:(14/04/2016)     Happy BIHU :


AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch wishes a very happy BIHU and Subha Nababarsha to all.




Com CS and Com ACS(Hq) met CGMT Assam Telecom Circle on the burning issue of R-8 Tranfer cases etc. and expressed deep concern on the matter of in-ordinate delay to take steps by Circle Admn. CGMT Assam Circle appreciated our concern but he informed that some more time is needed to sort out the issue. The Association requested for settlement of the issue at the earliest as a large number of Comrades are suffering.




Meeting with DIR(EB): CS, ACS(Hqr), ACS and DS (Ghy Br) met DIR HR Shri N k Mehta in presence of CGMT Assam Telecom Circle and discussions were made on the following issues:- 

1. Critical issue of pending R-8 transfer cases. 

2. Capturing more and more EB Customers . 

3. Quality of Mobile Services at Guwahati. 

4. Filling up of un-filled DGM/GM posts. 

5. Approval of Service related matters of Assam Circle with topmost priority from BSNLCO.



AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch and AIGETOA Assam Circle Branch jointly felicitated CGM Assam Telecom Circle Shri M K Seth on 17.02.2016. We apprised him about some burning HR issues and some developmetal matters of Assam Telecom Circle.

DATE:(15/01/2016)     Happy Bihu :


AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch wishes a very happy Magh Bihu & Makarsankranti to all.




Guwahati District Branch of AIBSNLEA Assam Circle felicitated Com. A Nath, Com. D Barman and Com. S Chakraborty on their retirement on 31.12.2015. In a well attended meeting held on 07.01.2015 in the multi-purpose Hall of BSNL at Panbazar, contribution of the retired Comrades were highlighted by several experienced leaders of AIBSNLEA.

DATE:(01/01/2016)     Happy New Year 2016


AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch wishes a very happy new year 2016 to all.

DATE:(25/12/2015)     Happy Christmas :


AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch wishes a very happy X-Mas to all.



AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch participated in the massive lunch hour demonstration held on 22.12.2015 at Guwahati, CGMT Assam Circle,CO for implementing 78.2% IDA for BSNL pensioners as per call of Forum of BSNL Executives and Non-executives.




AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA Assam Circle Branch held Lunch Hour Demonstation on the premises of CGMT Assam Telecom Circle Office as a mark of protest against MT(SRD) recruitment by BSNL.



As a part of all India Program, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA Assam Circle Branch held Lunch Hour Demonstation on 4.12.2015. in the premises of CGMT Assam Telecom Circle Office at Panbazar with grand success.

DATE:(03/12/2015)     AGITATION:


United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA has given call for Agitational Program on various unsettled issues.

As a part of all India Program AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch would hold Lunch Demonstation on 4.12.2015. in the premises of CGMT Assam Telecom Circle Office at Panbazar. Make it a grand success.

DATE:(24/10/2015)     Happy VIJAYA DASHAMI


AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch wishes a very happy VIJAYA DASHAMI to all.

DATE:(13/10/2015)     CONGRATULATIONS!


We are extremely thankful to CGMT Assam Telecom Circle and his HR team for issuing Look-After order in the grade of DGM(T) on standalone basis for the following comrades:-

1. Shri Amitava Nath 

2. Shri Hari Chandra Kachari 

3. Shri Alok Kar 

4. Shri Mohan Chandra Modak 

5. Shri Jadab Chandra Adhikari 

6. Shri Ratneswar Newar 

7. Shri Vivekananda Nath 

DATE:(23/09/2015)     BEREAVEMENT:

 Retd. Com Vivekananda Battacharjee, Sr. P S, o/o CGMT Assam Telecom Circle expired on 23.09.2015.    AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch deeply condoles his demise and prays to the almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.


DATE:(22/09/2015)     BEREAVEMENT:


Com Ashish Choudhury, DGM and Branch President, Silchar Branch expired on 22.09.2015.    AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch deeply condoles his sudden demise and prays to the almighty for eternal peace of the departed soul.



As per decision of CWC meeting at Kolkata, AIBSNLEA Assam Circle Branch extnds Solidarity Moral Support to the strike call given by Central Trade Unions on 02.09.2015.

DATE:(15/08/2015)     Happy Independence Day :


We wish a very happy and prosprous Independence Day on 15th August, 2015.

DATE:(27/07/2015)     Condolance

We condole sudden demise of Bharatratna Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. It is a great loss to the Nation.

DATE:(24/07/2015)     .

Joint Effort of BSNL Unions and Associations together with support of Chq has yielded result to get sanction of 10 GE Core Data Link from NIB Guwahati to Chennai to improve Broadband Servics of entire N E Region.


 AGITATIONAL PROGRAMME is deferred for six months in view of the assurances givn by BSNL Management. We congratulate our members for their whole hearted particpation in relay hunger programm on 7th Jul,2015.




The Conference started with Flag Hoisting Ceremony at 09:30 hrs of 04.07.2015. All the seven Divisional Branches reported in the Conference. Circle Scretary submitted his report covering on burning issues like membrship strength, Up-gradation issues, intra and inter circle transfer cases, tenure transfer issues, look after arrangements, reversion cases of JTOs, PS promotion cases, Rule-8 transfer issue, VCR issues, organisational matters, devlopmental issues and relationship with AIGETOA. Elaborate discussions were done on the report of CS. Circle Treasurer and Divisional Secretaries also submitted their reports. G S Com Prahlad Rai addressed joint session of AIBSNLEA and AIBSNLEAREWA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA, and OPEN SESSION. Com G S elaborated almost all the scenerios related to BSNL like financial status, promotional issues, MT trainee recrutment issue, 78.2% IDA for pensioners, 60:40 pensioner issue, Rule-8 transfer issue and many others. Open Session was attended by Shri Rajeev Yadav, CGMT Assam Telecom Circle as Chief Guest. Other senior Officers who attended are- Sr. GM (EB, Sales and Mktg), GM(HR and A) and GM(Kamrup SSA). Circle secretaries of -AIGETOA Com S Nath, SNEA Com I H Mandol, BSNLEU Com B Deka, and NFTE Com Patgiri also attended. All of them spoke in the Open Session.A positive development is expected from the discussions in Open Session. New body was formed. The important posts and corresponding elected members are-Com Alok Kar (Circle President), Com Swarup Chakraborty(Circle Secretary), Com T K Bhttacharjee (Circle Treasurer) and Com Amitava Nath(CWC Member). The conference ended at 23:00 hrs with a vote of thanks from host Branch.


 Arrangement for accommodation of delegates made in IQ Panbazar and ETR IQ Panbazar. For Accommodation pl contact Com Pinak kanti Nath (Mobile-9435599121 and Com Shantanu Choudhury (Mobile- 9435000731). Accommodation would be available from evening of 03.07.2015 to 05.07.2015 morning.